I don't know how it happened that today I am so deeply rooted in Polish wine. However, I cannot deny it, and must admit that getting to this place was not via shortcut. Already in 2010, I have introduced Adoria Winery wines in the wine lists of one of the leading restaurant group in Poland. I was the originator and creator of the Polish Wine Competition in Jasło - which is currently the largest event of this type in Poland. I have helped (and will continue to help) Polish wineries to enter the food service industry.

The most recent and the most extraordinary project in my career is…film! Titled "POLISH TUSCANY" - in which, as a narrator, I am travelling through Polish vineyards and places historically associated with wine, in the Lubuskie Province. Film, in cooperation with "Gazeta Lubuska" and Polska Press Zielona Góra, will premiere online on 15h of November 2019. You can watch it on polskatoskania.pl and click the link below.