My career path had to lead to this destination… For a quarter of a century, wine was floating in my life, and because gastronomy was not a random choice, the result of this combination could be only one – sommelier. Despite the fact, that during that time in Poland, it was a profession almost as exotic as the fact of finding a bottle of Dom Perignon Rose 1959.

Through all these years, I wanted to know all the world's wines and possess all the possible knowledge about them... Nevertheless, thanks to all the amazing people I met on my way, tasting many, tens, hundreds, thousands of wines and visiting most of well-known wine regions, I realized that I was actually trying to bite off more than one can chew. However, I did not give up, and that is why today I can share my experience and knowledge, with all wine lovers and those interested in pairing wine, food and water, as well as young adepts of Sommelier art.

Recently, very dynamically growing area is water sommeliering, and I am a hydro-sommelier for a decade, actively cooperating with leading brands of domestic and foreign water producers. Latest results of my activity in this field: a guide on the art of water pairing "Card of Lesser Poland Waters" - in cooperation with the Gault & Millau and edition of the sparkling water from "Żywiec Zdrój" - closed in glass bottles, dedicated for HoReCa only.

Now would be the great time to shine, and share (flash) my medals and awards:

  • President of the Association of Polish Sommeliers
  • Professional Sommelier SSP 2003
  • Best Polish Sommelier Champion 2007/2008/2009/2010
  • Polish representative at the European and World Sommelier Championships in Sofia 2008, Santiago de Chile 2010, Strasbourg 2010 and Tokyo 2013
  • Diploma Association de la Sommellerie Internationale 2013
  • Water Codex Diploma Water Sommelier 2010
  • Head of the jury and referee of: Polish Sommelier Championships, International Young Sommelier Championships, Coupe Georges Baptiste, Baltic Sommelier Cup, Young Sommeliers European Cup, Polish Wine Competition in Jasło, Magazyn Wino Grand Prix, ITQI, IWSC, Wino Na Medal… and many others.
  • Author of Wine Lists awarded by Wine Spectator Magazine
  • And few more other prizes and distinctions… :)